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CORE Combat Sports celebrated its first anniversary on May 2nd, thanks to the ongoing support of our valued members. We appreciate your loyalty and will continue to make every effort to provide you with the best possible value and service. As part of this commitment, we will be implementing some important changes to your club membership.

Timetable Changes Based on feedback from our members, we have decided to make some minor adjustments to the timetable, effective from Monday, June 5th. We will be introducing new Muay Thai Sparring and MMA Sparring classes during the week to help our aspiring combat sports athletes take their training to the next level.

These new sparring sessions are exclusively intended for individuals who are dedicated to pursuing future competition/ fights. Please note that attendance to these sessions is restricted to those who have a genuine interest in competing, and individuals who do not have aspirations for future competition will not be permitted to attend.

Daytime Classes

In light of low attendance, we will be removing the Tuesday and Thursday classes from 12:00-13:00 that were introduced in January. However, we may consider reintroducing these midday classes to the timetable in the future if there is sufficient demand for them.

Equipment Reminder

Please note that members are expected to bring their own boxing gloves and shinpads to classes. However, gloves, shinpads, hand wraps, and gum shields are available for purchase at the gym.

Sincerely Isaac & Ben

PS. Our club relies on its reputation to continue to grow.

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