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Junior Member News

CORE Combat Sports celebrated its first anniversary on May 2nd, thanks to the ongoing support of our valued members. We appreciate your loyalty and will continue to make every effort to provide you with the best possible value and service. As part of this commitment, we will be implementing some important changes to your club membership.

Timetable Changes

To boost the average number of participants in our junior classes and respond to feedback from both juniors and parents, we will be revising our timetable as follows: We will no longer offer the submission grappling class on Tuesdays, and the submission grappling class on Thursdays will be replaced with a new MMA class. The timetable changes will take effect from Monday 5th June. Please see table below.


& Wednesdays

17:00 - 17:55

Muay Thai/ Kickboxing

These classes focus on equipping students with the skills to both defend against and execute effective strikes using boxing, kicks, knees, and elbow techniques.

Typical class activities include skipping, shadow boxing, stretching, engaging in pad work and bag work, as well as practicing various technique drills.


17:00 - 17:55

MMA (New Class)

This class encompasses the three fundamental elements of MMA: Striking, Takedowns, and Groundwork.

During these classes, participants can expect to engage in a comprehensive routine consisting of warm-up exercises, stretching, technique drills, and live rolling drills.

Price Decrease

In the midst of an ongoing cost of living crisis, it's rare to see prices go down. To make our junior classes more accessible to a greater number of children and following the removal of the Tuesday class, we will be decreasing the cost of junior membership from £39.99 to £31.99. Direct debits paid in June will reflect this change.

Equipment Reminder Please note that members are expected to bring their own boxing gloves and shinpads to classes. However, gloves, shinpads, hand wraps, and gum shields are available for purchase at the gym.

Sincerely Isaac & Ben :)

PS. Our club relies on its reputation to continue to grow!

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